Why do some crave facing their fears while others cower?

After finishing this movie, I realized that the most interesting thing was the segment about facing fears. In the film, the example they gave was base jumping. It got me thinking, why do some people love pushing into unknown territory while others are comfortable with what they know is safe? 


Facing Fears Article

Things I found particularly interesting-

  1. people don’t necessarily like facing their fears, but they like being able to say they conquered something great (the Exorcist example)
  2. a new company in NY where you can pay to get kidnapped

In detail-

  1. As this article stated about some men, “It’s not that they truly enjoy being scared,” says Sparks, professor of communication at Purdue University. “‘But they get great satisfaction being able to say they conquered and mastered something that was threatening. They enjoy the feeling that they’ve made it through.'” On a personal level, I think this statement applies to me at least part of the time. I’ll admit, I like bragging about the exciting things I’ve done, who doesn’t? One of the examples given in this article is The Exorcist. While some cases of horror were so intense, people were hospitalized, other people made it to the end. After one of the studies in the article, especially in the case of adolescent boys, the movie was being seen because it was in a way taboo. For example, talk of the hospitalized victims of trauma caused by The Exorcist sparked the idea in people’s heads to watch the movie and remain completely sane. 
  2. While some enjoy getting in the water slowly, others enjoy diving straight in. Now, those who like the unknown can get what they want for a price. A relatively new company (around the year 2000) was started in New York. What does this company do you might ask? For $1,500-$4,000, they will kidnap you when you least expect it. For example, in the mall, on a bus stop, or even in your bedroom in the middle of the night. Prior to your planned kidnapping, the company will meet with you to find out your biggest fears. They will then use this knowledge against (is it really against? or with you?) you. Your excitement is over after your few hours, or even days, of being tied and gagged in confinement. 

Why do people go to such an extreme while others would never fathom such a terrible experience?


3 thoughts on “Why do some crave facing their fears while others cower?

  1. I like that you used a picture instead of just straight text. It is also nice that, as per the assignment, your article connected to the movie.Pay to get kidnapped!? That’s crazy…I would suggest that you take out the middle part of this post and skip straight to the detail.

  2. That is such a good point about how many people do not actually enjoy the fear rush, just that they enjoy saying they conquered that fear. That’s exactly how I am, I’d base jump once for bragging rights and never push my luck again.

  3. The conquering of the fear is an interesting point; are they people who do enjoy the fear itself and then people who enjoy the mastering of something fearful? I would assume that most people who engage in “scary” behaviors benefit from a mix of the two.

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