A Dog’s Life – I believe

Fred Flaxman’s “I Believe” in one sentence:

I believe that the simple things in life are the things worth looking forward to.


Flaxman stated that his late dog, Buster, was his mentor. After working, dealing with money, sitting through meetings, raising a family, etc., he realized that all he really wanted to do was curl up in front of the fire on a cold day. The finer things in life are the small, mindless, feel-good things.

It’s hard to pinpoint an anecdote because the whole essay is really just an anecdote with a deeper meaning. He also doesn’t ask any rhetorical questions nor does he share any statistical evidence. 

To me, the most interesting part of this essay was the fact that he had to convince him mom to get him a dog, but in the end, it was one of the best things that could have happened to Fred. This was the only time that his belief was challenged in a way. But, he had always believed in it, it just took him a while to realize his belief.


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