This I Believe…

After working for over 10 hours (6 taking pictures, 4 editing), I have produced my final product. Below is a list of all of my beliefs.

  1. I can fly
  2. In coincidence
  3. There is no higher being
  4. Food helps problems
  5. No one wants to be alone
  6. The little things matter
  7. In animal therapy
  8. This too shall pass
  9. In coffee
  10. You don’t need to give 100% 100% of the time
  11. In singing badly
  12. Nothing makes sense at 5 am
  13. In luck
  14. In planning for today
  15. There are no soul mates
  16. We are all animals
  17. In Sherlock holmes
  18. In doing what you like
  19. Stuff happens
  20. You create your destiny

For my This I Believe project I chose to make a stop motion video. I decided that I would write each and every letter on separate post-its. I wrote in different fonts just so it’s a little bit easier to follow along and the video isn’t as stagnant (going for a random letter-type thing). For future projects, I would not, nor would I recommend, doing this kind of stop motion animation. As I said before, it took over 10 hours to finish; this caused changes in lighting throughout the video since I had to shoot my 702 pictures over three days. Everyone knows that the worst part of stop-motion animation is when you hit your tripod. Every once in a while (about three times), I would hit the readjustment bar coming off the back of my tripod when I went to take a picture. After each one of these accidents, I had to readjust the camera and/or paper to get it to as close as it was before I hit it. At first, this project was fun and interesting, but after the first two or three beliefs, it got repetitive, boring, and long.

As for technical tricks, to make all of the letters crawl out to clear my background for the next belief, I had to make each belief into a different movie. So, at the end of the project, I had 21 different iMovie videos. Once I finished exporting each individual belief, I would put it into my big video and delete the pictures that were already there. Then, I had to rewind each video of each belief and put it after the original video. This process is what took me over four hours of class time (I could only do it at school because I needed one of the Macs). After all of my beliefs worked successfully, I imported my song (“Ain’t It Strange” by Dr. Dog), and sent it to YouTube. In the end, I’m proud of my project, but would never do a stop-motion of individual Post-Its again.

In the end, for my main belief of this project, I choose “this too shall pass.”


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