Visual Perception – Part II: Augmented Reflection & Creation

1.   Write a reflection about the issues addressed in the articles and videos we watched. Include questions about knowledge itself and how our sense of sight both hinders and helps our pursuit of knowledge.

I’m going to start this off by questioning the terminology in this question. I don’t think the specific topics we studied today in class are “issues” at all. If anything, they help us through our day-to-day lives. For example, in Beau Lotto’s TED talk (to see the segment I am going to discuss, you can click the hyperlink), he shows us that our perception of color can theoretically save our lives. Another example of how our perception of color could save us is about plants. A delicious, benign berry may have the exact same shape as a poisonous, deadly one. How do we tell them apart? We notice the small difference in their color. Of course, it is fun to trick our minds with color as well. By putting the same color in the middle of opposite colors (a grey block amid both a white and a black shape). The result of this experiment is that the identical grey blocks appear to be different shades. Although sight is a strange concept to play with, I think that it is very interesting because we can never know for sure. If color had never existed, would we see in black and white or all in grey? What I mean by that question is this: would the amount of light shining on an object still lighten or darken its shade of grey (to show black and white) or would everything be grey?

Another thing that I thought was interesting was the Halo Effect. How much do you have to talk to a person before you see them with a Halo Effect? In the video by Science of Attraction called “The Halo Effect”, eight girls watch slightly different videos of the same man saying the same thing. The only difference is the way he says it. His tone in that short five minute video was enough to either make or break him in the eyes of these eight women. For the four who watched the upbeat version, he had a Halo Effect which pardoned some of his more sarcastic or negative comments. On the other hand, when the whole video was filled with a negative aura, those same comments dragged down the women’s opinions of him even farther. I wonder what it would be like if the Halo Effect did not exist. Would that make it easier or harder to get to know a person?

2.   Make a remixed augmented video based on Ben Beaton’s video “The Key to Media’s Hidden Codes.” Use at least 10 augmentations of any sort to make your own video using Mozilla Popcorn maker.

My Remixed Video


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