Color or Synesthesia Integrated Project Proposal

1.   What is the overall theme?

The overall theme I chose to address for my project is synesthesia. I am going to address the mixing of color and taste.

2.   Which ways of knowing are you addressing besides sense perception?

Another way of knowing that I will be addressing is reasoning. I will try to find a connection or trend between people’s answers and the food they will be eating to hopefully understand their reasoning.

3.   To which areas of knowledge does your project relate?

This project will be directly connected to psychology and why the participants answered with the colors they said. It will be my own little, psychological experiment.

4.   What is it exactly that you plan to do and/or investigate?

I will be blindfolding participants and asking them to eat bites of food that I have selected for them. I will then ask them which color they “see” through taste. By looking at their answers, I will hopefully be able to find a trend in which colors everyone is tasting.

5.   What is your driving question?

To what extent can the sense perception of a color-taste mix be influenced by the absence of sight?

6.   How is your project inherently about knowledge/knowing?

Through this project, I will examine people’s brains through their answers. They will hopefully give me some insight to how people taste color or if there is any trend at all. 

7.   What materials will you need?

I will need five to ten different bite-sized food items to feed to my willing participants. That brings me to my next material, willing participants. I am hoping to get five to ten different people to partake in my experiment. Lastly, I will need a cloth of some sort to blindfold everyone with.

8.   Who could assist you and mentor you on this project?

I will definitely need help from acquaintances because I need people to taste the food. As for a mentor, because this is related to psychology, I could ask Mr. Weisberger any questions I have.

9.   How will your present the project to the class?

To show my results, I will make either a Vuvox or a Prezi and give a presentation to everyone. I may also include footage of a few people partaking in my experiment (if it is approved by them).

10.   How do you plan to manage the time for this task?

I will attempt to complete all of the experimental portion before leaving on the MUN trip (Feb. 20-25). I can then work on creating my project during or after my return. Because the presentation date is March 1st, I will be done at least by the the end of the month.


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