Touch and Sound Blog Reflection

1.   Choose six articles to peruse for each category (touch and sound) for a total of twelve articles.

2.   Respond to each one with a one-sentence summary and write one question you had for each.


This article describes ten things that touch can help you achieve. Does a person “open-up” more with a simple, light touch?

The small act of a touch can mean so many different things in different cultures and scenarios around the world. Why have we as humans evolved to need loving touches to grow as people?

Similar to visual illusions, touch illusions can be felt after the repeated feeling of a certain object. Why have our brains not evolved to be able to quickly understand that the object is no longer there?

This article talks about how to fool the brain into altering the texture and shape of different surfaces. What are the benefits or drawbacks to this “slowness” of our brains?

Although it would be impossible to make a real 4D movie (the fourth being time), we are developing new technologies to send the audience even deeper into the movie by creating identical surroundings. Could smelling, for example, burning rubber in a racing movie detract people instead?

The future of the entertainment world was the main focus of this article/video. Is being immersed so immensely in our video games, movies, etc. a good or bad thing?


Cornell University has now publish a digital archive of over 150,000 sounds from a variety of species. Was it worth it to spend 12 years on this project (what are the benefits)?

The ‘cocktail party effect’ is our ability to tune out other noise to focus solely on one conversation. Why have we evolved to able to separate different noises?

This article examines the effect of a computer screen background on the way we think. Red makes us better at analyzing and blue increases our creativity, but what does, for example, green do to our minds?

Researchers are developing a new kind of taxi that can take the surrounding noises and convert them into a song. What if there are not very many interesting sounds around the taxi (would it just be one, solid, constant note)?

A 20th century philosopher named Marshall McLuhan theorizes about how we are learning from pop culture. What clues helped him predict the future of social media in our current world?

This company is for musicians to upload either full songs or bits and pieces of their music to be combined into something great. If a song makes it big, how is the money shared?

3.   Curate one more article or video related to either sound or touch.

I decided to find an article about touching soft things. There is a section of this article that talks about an experiment dealing with soft touches.

Soft touches are necessary in infantry to develop feeling comfortable and cared for. Does our love for soft things stay with us throughout life from our infancy?


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