TOK IA Presentation Planning Document

Group members: Michael Brutsch and Jacob Steiner

Estimated Timing of Pres 20 minutes


Topic (why is it significant?): Our topic is the ways a wide vocabulary in a language affects our overall knowledge. In other words, the benefits and drawbacks to both Oldspeak and Newspeak in terms of 1984.

Essential Question: In what ways does having a wide vocabulary affect our knowledge?


1.     What is the real life situation under consideration?

People talk to each other constantly. We want to examine the benefits of having a wide choice of vocabulary in speaking as well as writing and the possible drawbacks of not having said words.

2.     What is the TOK knowledge issue(s) (questions) that will be the focus of your presentation?

What are the benefits of having a wide vocabulary?

3.     Write a summary in note form (like a bulleted list) of the way you plan to deal with the knowledge issue(s)/questions during your presentation. Provide approximate TIME and be specific about TOOLS, EXAMPLES and WHO is doing what. Think about the criteria:

a.     How will you identify the knowledge issue(s)?

We will identify the knowledge issue(s) by researching and finding different articles online.

b.     How will you show your personal perspective?

We will both put our input by writing a paragraph with our thoughts on our topic.

c.     How will you make connections to other Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge?

Our project is connected to reasoning because we are examining the way the words someone uses with how people comprehend what they are saying. It can also be related to sense perception because varying words can influence the way someone, for example, believes they taste something (scrumptious vs. good).

d.     How will you examine the knowledge claims and possible counterclaims (i.e different perspectives)? Tip: ask yourself, what would someone who disagrees with the claim say, and what reasons would they give? What about someone from a different culture, age group, religion, class, educational background?

We will examine different claims by finding articles that contradict each other and by brainstorming ideas for both sides of the argument.

e.     How will you examine the implications of knowledge?

This idea of using large, sophisticated words in place of small, simple words is incredibly beneficial to humankind and all of the things we have written and enjoy.

f.      If there is bias, how will you examine that? What about assumptions and presuppositions?

We believe that there will not be very many biases in this topic as most people agree that a wider vocabulary is beneficial.

4.     Type of Presentation: (list all that will apply)

  • collaborative Prezi

5.      Items you will need (e.d handouts, costumes, script, projector):

We just need the internet to research as well as make our Prezi. To present it, we will need the projector and smartboard.


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