Final Exam Vlog

For our final exam, we were to recap all of the aspects of each unit we studied that stood out to us the most. To see which parts those were for me, go through the “choose your own adventure” of my videos. Here is the first of the videos:

The Intro Video


One thought on “Final Exam Vlog

  1. Thanks for all your heartfelt comments! I really loved that you went on a limb and tried out the “choose your own adventure style” of vlogging (I actually shared it at a conference I presented at). Once again, your vlog was informative, clear, reflective, and specific (loved the subtitles and other hyperlinks, too). Glad to hear you enjoyed the Nature of Knowledge unit best. I will work on promoting the “Student Voices” compilation of your changing education vlogs and hopefully some changes will come (I agree you all had some amazing ideas). I really loved hearing what you found to be “interesting tidbits” – it helped me reflect on my own teaching. I never considered your point about everyone;s varied beliefs and that it’s surprising everyone could get along despite such different beliefs. Great point about qualia! I just adore how chock-full of knowledge issue / linking questions your vlog series were! Nice shout out to Casey’s project! I shared with the Swedish vlogger @princeword your shout out to him as well (he was thrilled!). Yes, it’s so funny that you scared yourself creating your website on fear! So happy that you found the article about the man who went offline for a year intriguing (I was hoping someone would). Looking forward to another great year working with you!

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