Summer Assignment

1.     Curate one item that relates to an AOK or WOK.

This summer, as I was touring many different colleges, I found myself surrounded by historical landmarks. For example, one day I was following the freedom trail in Boston (walking from the Paul Revere House to the State House) and another I was feet from the original liberty bell. All of this patriotism got me thinking, “what would a world without the founding  of America be like?” 

Apparently, the author of this article and maker of this video have had a similar thought. An entire class (US and World History), not to mention the world as we know it, would be erased from history.

Both sides are examined in these findings. On one hand, medical advances, technology discoveries, and wealth would be lost without the founding of the United States. On the other, global warming would be dramatically better, junk food would seldom be eaten, and there would be no “central” country of the world.

No one can definitively say what the world would be like if the year 1492 had blown past without the founding of our country. Do the benefits we bring to the world make up for the strife we cause it? Are the benefits truly worth the risk? But, the fact of the matter is that we can’t go back in history to change the course of the world forever.

2.     Create a TED ED flip video lesson.

To watch my flip video lesson, click the following link-


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