Burning House Challenge

Burning House Challenge

Above is a picture of the seven things I would save in the second I had before my things would be gone forever.

1.     In this zip-lock bag is the first tooth I ever lost. Beside it is a hand-written note addressed to the tooth fairy asking her to leave me my tooth. In the note, I also asked her what her name was. I’ve kept this memento for about 13 years and don’t plan on losing it now. This decision is emotional because this tooth serves no rational purpose.

2.     My computer. How could I live without my computer? Answer: I couldn’t. This is a rational decision because my computer is one of the most valuable – money-wise – things I own.

3.     This is my baby blanket. Hand-sewn by my grandmother, I use to wrap myself in it and fall asleep in the cocoon it made around me. On it is a bear made up of different colors. This is completely an emotional decision because I don’t think I could live with myself if I let this burn to ashes.

4.     When I was little, growing up in Los Angeles, my dad and I used to go to Dodger games all the time because he’s a huge baseball fan. Eric Gagne, an ex-pitcher for the team, was feared by most. When he was brought out, the “game [was] over”. He also had an iconic goatee which is why there are threads coming out of his chin on the shirt. This decision is half emotional and half rational. This shirt reminds me of when I was kid going to games with my dad, but it is also worth something because Gagne is no longer playing with the Dodgers.

5.     My camera bag: home to my camera and three lenses. This was one of my few big purchases made with money I had saved up. If my house burned down, I would be willing to sell it for some extra money, making this a rational decision.

6.     Children’s Bedtime Stories was one of my favorite books as a kid. Every night, I would ask my mom to read to me, she would say “choose a story”, and I would like through the seemingly endless index of adventures. Saving this is based on emotions because it is another childhood memento that I couldn’t bare to let go.

7.     Bella, my dog, has been with my family for 13 years. Having been rescued off of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles when she was two, she has been through a lot. To have her life end in a flame would be unbearable. I think I would be just as depressed losing her as losing the rest of my things. This decision is emotional because, in reality, pets serve little to no purpose. Keeping her would burden my family if we were out of a place to live, but she’s worth the challenge.


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